About our services

Activities and services

Builder works

  • Concrete and reinforced concrete works on site
  • Placement of prefabricated building elements
  • Masonry and other masonry work
  • Installation of metal and lightweight building structures
  • Carpentry
  • Plastering and robbery
  • Drywall

Finishing work: tinplate

  • sheet metal coating
  • gutter installation
  • edging and bending
  • roof cover installation

Finishing work: warm covering

  • laying parquet
  • Laying of PVC cover
  • laying textile cover
  • cork cover laying

Finishing work: installation of windows and doors

  • wooden, aluminum, plastic, facade doors and windows
  • wood, aluminum, plastic, interior doors and windows
  • attic window installation
  • light channel installation

Finishing work: insulation

  • groundwater insulation
  • insulation against rainwater
  • insulation of roofs, slabs and thermal bridges
  • facade insulation

Finishing work: building automation

  • building communication systems
  • automation of entrances
  • construction of alarm systems
  • video observer system installation

Building engineering works

  • installation of drinking water pipes
  • drain pipe construction
  • construction of heating systems
  • installation of air conditioners
  • construction of ventilation equipment
  • construction of renewable energy equipment

Finishing work: carpenter

  • making deck chairs
  • Roof lathing
  • boarding
  • wood flooring

Finishing work: bricklayer

  • on-site concreting
  • walling
  • plastering
  • installation of bridges

Finishing work: locksmith

  • metal railings
  • making of metal lattices
  • making of metal fences
  • making gates

Finishing work: glazing

  • wood, metal, plastic structure glazing
  • roofing glazing
  • indoor glass wall construction
  • glazing of greenhouses

Finishing work: building electricity

  • construction of power systems
  • placement of electrical fittings
  • installation of control and command technology equipment
  • lightning protection, touch protection, fire protection measurement and logging

Finishing work: Landscaping

  • ornamental plant installation
  • grassing
  • construction of irrigation systems
  • garden maintenance

Finishing work: surface treatment

  • surface coating systems
    (corrosion protection)
  • interior painting
  • paper-hanging
  • facade painting
  • fire protection painting

Finishing work: roofing

  • tiling
  • bituminous shingle roofing
  • board cover
  • reed covering


Finishing work: cold covering

  • leveling
  • glazed ceramic tiles
  • terrazzo flooring
  • stone paving

Finishing work: dry construction

  • drywall partition structures
  • plasterboard suspended ceilings
  • plasterboard panel suspended ceilings
  • pillars and beams covered with plasterboard

Finishing work: shading technology

  • shutter installation
  • solar cell installation
  • venetian blind installation
  • screen installation 

Road construction

Mechanical earthmoving


Mechanical material handling

Building cleaning

Fleet capacity

  • Excavators: JCB 4XC, JCB 3XC, Mini Wheel Excavator 3 pieces, bobcat
  • 30 tonne LIEBHERR crane for field
  • material handling machines, forklifts

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