Presentation of our company

About us

  •  The Companywas founded in 2007 
  • We provided specialists and infrastructureforthe manufacturingand constructionworks 
  • Our premises can be found in the area of MOL's petrochemical industrial park Tiszaújváros 
  • Ourmain activities arebuilding of residential and non-residential buildings 
  • We are undertaking masterbuilder'sworks, building engineeringworks and onesrelating tosurfacecoating systems.
  • With MOL Petrolkémiaa strategic contract is in progress.
  • During the construction, we have the necessary earthmoving machineries, vacuum machines, scaffolding for high constructions, the required hand tools, the needful transport equipments, and we also have cranes. 
  • Our staff has decades of experience in the field of construction work, which enables for the high quality work.
  • The first class quality work is the main asset of our employees and professionals, which serves the full satisfaction of our customers' expectations.
  • Since our establishment, we have been striving to meet our domestic and international expectations.
  • We have a wide range of activities.
  • We want to provide quality service.


  • Our company has the control engineering system according to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 and MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005. 
  • The employees are provided with SSC exam and the company has got SSC certification 
  • Based on the EBK, we are provided by a fire protection vocational exam in the majors 4,5,12,16,15. 
  • Welsing sertifications: 141/111 T BW FM3 S s 12 D50 H-L045 ss nb
  • 141 T BW FM5 S s 1.5 D50 H-L045 ss gb
  • 141 T BW FM5 S s 6,3 D48 H-L045 ss gb
  • 141/111 T BW FM3 S/B s12(3.0/10) D50 H-L045 ss nb
  • All our welders have these certifications

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